The following are services that Moura Undertakers will assist you with:

  • The transfer of the deceased from the place of death
  • Professional care of the deceased, which may include sanitary washing, embalming, dressing, hairdressing,  and casketing
  • Professional care for conservation of body which may include Refrigerated Mortuary Bed and embalming if needed,
  • An arrangement conference with the family to plan specific details for the funeral
  • obtaining the requested certified death certificates for the family
  • Obtaining all necessary permits and authorizations, as required.
  • Preparing an obituary to be placed in any newspapers and radio announcement requested by the family
  • Contacting local cemeteries or crematory, as required
  • Arranging for Pallbearers,
  • Arranging for Hearse service, as required
  • Ordering special floral pieces at the family's request
  • Arranging for Cash Advances for cemetery expenses, crematory expenses,  music, funeral escorts, and custom acknowledgments
  • Chapel of Rest Facility